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An ISO 9001:2000 Company

SUITALL POLYPRO LTD. promoted by a Chartered Accountant, from a modest beginning in 1996 has become a household name today. That aptly describes the ascent of SUITALL in the world of DOORS.

The company started with the manufacturing of American Skin Panel Doors with imported molded skins from the US. Manufacture of wooden and flush doors began subsequently, with single panel PVC Doors being offered now.

In the span of ten years SUITALL POLYPRO LTD. has achieved various milestones
in the manufacturing of DOORS.

The first company in South India to manufacture PVC Door Profiles and PVC Doors (Single Panel and Multi Panel)
with exclusive R&D facilities for Doors. Fully integrated Hi-tech manufacturing facilities at Chennai in South India.
SUITALL is one among the few companies in South India to get ISO 9001-2000 accreditations
for Quality Management System for its entire processes.

Suitall has well developed set of core competencies in the operational area of production, marketing and service
in fulfilling the customers' needs. It has also diversified and ventured into manufacturing and marketing of
Electronic Weighing Scales of a wide range and PP-R Pipes for hot & cold water supply system.