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Q: What should be done if somebody accidentally drills a hole on the pipe?
If the damaged part of the pipe is not concealed yet (before the pressure test
     is conducted), the recommended procedure is to cut out that part and replace it
     by a new part through normal welding of a socket.

Q: How can we repair the pipe if there is a hole on it?
A: If it is a nail or a drill hole (10.5 mm deep max) you may use "Suitall PP-R Repair Kit"      to repair the hole on the pipe. Please contact our Technical Department by clicking      here for more/detailed information.

Q: What is the expansion for the hot water applications?
A: Under a temperature of 50°C, 1 m. of PN 20 pipe elongates 4.5 mm.
     This value is 0.9 mm for 1 m. of PN 25 Al foiled pipe for 50°C.
     For further information Contact Us

Q: What is the service life (life span) of SUITALL PP-R piping system for      different pressure groups?
A: PP-R pipes have a service life of 50 years according to DIN Standards for in house      applications. To have detailed information for different temperatures and pressure      rates, please Contact Us

Q: Are SUITALL PP-R pipes used for drinking water?
     Are they hygienic /healthy?
A: PP-R products can safely be used for drinking water. SUITALL PP-R products have      got all International Approvals (i.e. SKZ, DVGW, Hygiene Institute,etc.) as well as the      approvals of the sales territories.

Q: Are SUITALL pipes UV resistant?
A: Normal SUITALL products are produced with UV stabilisers.
     For further information Contact Us

Q: Does SUITALL PP-R piping system burn?
A: SUITALL pipes and fittings comply and are classified under the requirements of the      fire classification, B2 (Normally inflammable) according to DIN 4102. In case of a fire      outbreak of temperature >800°C, under ideal conditions, with sufficient oxygen, only      carbon dioxide and water vapour are produced as the raw material of PP-R is a      hydrocarbon chain. Toxic fumes or dioxin will not be emitted.

Q: Should any precaution be taken for the installations at low temperatures?
A: Insulation is recommended for the temperatures under 0°C.

Q: What is the product range of SUITALL PP-R system?
A: SUITALL PP-R pipes and fittings are produced between
     Ø20 mm (1/2") Ø50 mm (1 1/2").

Q: What are the production standards of SUITALL PP-R?
A: Following standards are used for the production of SUITALL pipes and fittings:

DIN 8077

Polypropylene Pipes, Dimensions

DIN 8078

Polypropylene Pipes, General Quality Requirements and Testing

DIN 16962

Pipe Joints and Elements for Polypropylene Pressure Pipes

DIN 1988 PART 2

Drinking Water Supply Systems, Materials, Components, Appliances, Design and Installation

DIN 16928

Pipe Joints and Elements for Pipes, Laying-General Directions

BS 6700

Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance of Services Supplying Water for Domestic Use within Buildings and their Curtilages

DVS 2207

Welding of Thermoplastics

DVS 2208

Welding Machines and Devices for Thermoplastics

Q: How can we connect SUITALL products to other metal systems?
A: SUITALL PP-R system can be connected to other metal systems easily by a flange      or a metal adaptor. (BS 6920)  

Q: Should there be a standard pressure test application after the installation of
     SUITALL PP-R system?

A: Yes. After installing SUITALL PP-R piping system, it is necessary to go through a
     pressure test. Unlike metal pipes, SUITALL PP-R, like all other plastic piping
    systems, has to follow different pressure test procedure owing to their mechanical
    properties of expansion when subject to pressure, temperature difference and
    coefficient of expansion. (Test procedure acc. To DIN 1988 PART 2 or
    BS 6700:1977). For detailed information,

Q: Is insulation necessary for hot water applications?
A: Normally it is not obligatory for the plumbers; to make the insulation since the thermal
     conductivity of PP-R piping systems is lower compared to metal piping systems
    (0.24 W/mK). For further information Contact Us

Q: What is the difference between PN 20 and PN 25 pipes due to the application      areas?
A: Life span of PN 25 is longer than PN 20 pipes under the same temperatures and
     pressure conditions. Especially for the exposed installations, as the expansion of
     PN 25 pipes are 1/5 of PN 20 pipes, sagging and snaking problems are avoided.

Q: Are different colours available for SUITALL PP-R piping system?
A: At present. SUITALL PP-R piping system is produced in off-white colour only.